• Canon EOS Rebel T1i / 500D for dummies
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  • 作者: by Julie Adair King
  • 出版社:Wiley Publishing, Inc.
  • 出版年:c2009
  • 集叢名:--For dummies
  • ISBN:9780470533895; 9780470557198;
  • 格式:PDF

Canon EOS Rebel T1i/500D For Dummies aims squarely at first-time dSLR users looking for a guide to help them better understand their camera's controls. The book introduces users to the camera's main functions and offers examples on how to use them to create effective digital photos. Coverage includes: Exploring the on-board controls Shooting in auto mode Using live view and playback modes Dialing in exposure and lighting controls Manipulating focus and color controls Situational shooting Getting pics onto a PC for editing Printing, posting online, and other ways to share images Part of Tens including ten editing tricks and pro functions

  • Introduction(第1頁)
    • A Quick Look at What’s Ahead(第2頁)
    • Icons and Other Stuff to Note(第4頁)
    • About the Software Shown in This Book(第5頁)
    • Practice, Be Patient, and Have Fun!(第5頁)
  • Part I: Fast Track to Super Snaps(第7頁)
    • Chapter 1: Getting the Lay of the Land(第9頁)
    • Chapter 2: Taking Great Pictures, Automatically(第39頁)
    • Chapter 3: Controlling Picture Quality(第65頁)
    • Chapter 4: Monitor Matters: Picture Playback, Live View, and Movie Mode(第85頁)
  • Part II: Taking Creative Control(第129頁)
    • Chapter 5: Getting Creative with Exposure and Lighting(第131頁)
    • Chapter 6: Manipulating Focus and Color(第185頁)
    • Chapter 7: Putting It All Together(第225頁)
  • Part III: Working with Picture Files(第245頁)
    • Chapter 8: Downloading, Organizing, and Archiving Your Photos(第247頁)
    • Chapter 9: Printing and Sharing Your Photos(第273頁)
  • Part IV: The Part of Tens(第299頁)
    • Chapter 10: Ten Fast Photo-Editing Tricks(第301頁)
    • Chapter 11: Ten Special-Purpose Features to Explore on a Rainy Day(第327頁)
  • Index(第343頁)
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