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Dear Readers,
When work ends for the day, how do you disengage from it? Or do you? It's important to forget work for a while and enjoy yourself and your family. One way to do that is to put your phone away for a short period of time.

Hard as that is, it can help to keep you mentally and emotionally healthy! You can read other ideas in our article “Staying Mentally and Emotionally Healthy” (p. 34). It's important for all of us!
One thing I always look forward to is travel. That is a way for me to put aside things at home and enjoy something new and different. In our article “Let's Take a Trip” (p. 14), we share some little-known landmarks in the United States that you can enjoy. Everyone knows about New York and Seattle, but there may be a few hidden attractions in these
cities that you would like to check out.
Which one of your senses do you take for granted? Your sight? Your hearing? Maybe you take all of them for granted. But when you lose one sense, others tend to become keener. Read our article “Blind Aspirations” (p. 42) and be inspired!
Also, we want to inspire you to keep using English and to enjoy the process! So join us every day. The definitions in “Vocabulary Focus” are reproduced from Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary, 3rd Edition (ISBN: 9780521674683) with the permission of Cambridge University Press. All rights in such content are reserved by Cambridge University Press.
Your Friends for Life,
Doris and the Advanced teachers

Your Window on the World ◆適合全民英檢中高級 以上程度。
《彭蒙惠英語》則是本系列雜誌中最新、難度也最高的一本,主要是提供給大學生與企業人士等,做為英語進深加強之用,課程內容十分廣泛,涵蓋了旅遊、心理、商 業、科技、健康、新聞、人物、文化等主題。大部分的《彭蒙惠英語》內容取材自國際媒體,提供讀者一扇「通往世界之窗」。

內容包含政經、新知、理財、人物、旅遊、藝術等,能拓展您的國際視野,專為社會菁英而精心設計的一本深度英語學習雜誌,是具備《空中英語教室 》實力之後的最佳選擇。
2007 「空中英語教室」獲得「亞洲出版經營獎 (Asia Publishing Management Awards, APMA)
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  • Every Month(第1頁)
    • Vocabulary Focus 生字頁(第1頁)
    • Vocabulary Focus 生字頁(第2頁)
    • Letter From Your Editor 編輯園地(第3頁)
    • Bulletin Board 活動告示板(第4頁)
    • Radio Schedule 廣播時間(第5頁)
    • Feedback 讀者回函(第8頁)
    • Translation 翻譯(第46頁)
    • Vocabulary Focus 生字頁(第63頁)
    • Vocabulary Focus 生字頁(第64頁)
  • BUSINESS Facebook Continues to Flourish 臉書聲勢銳不可當(第10頁)
  • PARENTING Overcoming Anxiety Issues in Children 克服兒童的焦慮問題(第12頁)
  • TRAVEL Let’s Take a Trip! 我們去旅行吧!(第14頁)
  • NEWS NEWSworthy Clips 新聞剪輯(第20頁)
  • PSYCHOLOGY Be Punctual, Be Reliable 要準時,要可靠(第24頁)
  • SCIENCE Scientist Tackles Huntington’s Disease 科學家對抗亨丁頓舞蹈症(第26頁)
  • ENVIRONMENT 珍惜我們的海洋(第28頁)
  • FAMILY Five Ways to Empower the Next Generation of Adventurous Travelers 賦予下一代冒險旅行者能力的五種方式(第32頁)
  • LIFESTYLE Staying Mentally and Emotionally Healthy 保持心理和情緒健康(第34頁)
  • TRENDS Building Creative Theme Parks 興建有創意的主題樂園(第36頁)
  • HEALTH Healthy Food, Healthy Skin 吃得健康,肌膚也健康(第40頁)
  • PEOPLE Blind Aspirations 盲者的抱負(第42頁)
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