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What exactly is legal about legal language? What happens to legal language when it is used across linguistic, national, socio-political, cultural, and legal systems? In what way is generic integrity of legal documents maintained in multilingual and multicultural legal contexts? What happens when the same rule of law is applied across legal systems? By bringing together scholars and practitioners from more than ten countries, representing various jurisdictions, languages, and socio-political backgrounds, this book addresses these key issues arising from the differences in legal or sociocultural systems. The discussions are based not only on the analysis of the legal texts alone, but also on the factors shaping such constructions and interpretations. Given the increasing international need for accurate and authoritative translation and use of legal documents, this important volume has considerable contemporary relevance in a globalized economy. It will appeal to discourse analysts, commercial consultants, legal trainers, translators, and applied researchers in professional communication, especially in the field of legal writing and languages for specific purposes.

Vijay K. Bhatia is Professor in the Department of English and Communication, City University of Hong Kong. Christopher N. Candlin is Senior Research Professor in the Department of Linguistics, Macquarie University. Jan Engberg is Associate Professor in the Department of Language and Business Communication, Aarhus School of Business, Denmark.

  • Acknowledgements(第vii頁)
  • List of Contributors(第ix頁)
  • Introductory(第1頁)
    • 1 Concepts, Contexts and Procedures in Arbitration Discourse Vijay K. Bhatia, Christopher N. Candlin and Jan Engberg(第3頁)
  • Perspectives and Issues(第33頁)
    • 2 Mixing Legal Cultures in International Arbitration: The Iran-United States Claims Tribunal Peter Malanczuk(第35頁)
    • 3 Hybrid Dispute Processing in Japan: Linking Arbitration with Conciliation Yasunobu Sato(第53頁)
    • 4 Confidentiality in Arbitrations Christopher To(第75頁)
    • 5 International Commercial Arbitration in India: A Study of Discursive Practices Kusum Dhanania(第109頁)
  • Comparative Analysis and Interpretation(第125頁)
    • 6 Interpretation across Legal Systems and Cultures: A Critical Perspective Vijay K. Bhatia and Christopher N. Candlin(第127頁)
    • 7 Vagueness and Indeterminacy in Law Jan Engberg and Dorothee Heller(第145頁)
    • 8 Powers of the Court in the Malaysian Arbitration Act Azirah Hashim(第169頁)
    • 9 Discourse Systems in English Arbitration Awards Girolamo Tessuto(第181頁)
    • 10 Rhetorical Strategies in Arbitration Law Anna Trosborg(第199頁)
    • 11 Cultural Constraints on Arbitration Discourse Maurizio Gotti(第221頁)
  • Applications and Implications(第253頁)
    • 12 Arbitration in Sport Paola Evangelisti Allori(第255頁)
    • 13 Implications of Legal Globalisation for Brazilian Legal Practice Celina Frade(第275頁)
    • 14 Translation in International Arbitration Susan Šarčević(第291頁)
    • 15 Translating Terminology in Arbitration Discourse Marta Chroma(第309頁)
    • Index(第329頁)
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