• Laptops for dummies Quick Reference
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  • 作者: by Corey Sandler
  • 出版社:Wiley Publishing, Inc.
  • 出版年:c2006
  • 集叢名:--For dummies
  • ISBN:9780471798330 ; 9780470046289
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In business, laptops are essential to providing mobility to workers. Many business laptops spend much of their time in a desktop docking station and are always available to hit the road. Laptops For Dummies Quick Reference will be a hitchhikers guide to the electronic galaxy. Readers will learn how to: Select a laptop to take on the road; Install or activate WiFi, Bluetooth, wired Ethernet, satellite, and other communication media; Choose the best software for mobile computing; Add software tools to synchronize and update files between a laptop, a PDA, and a desktop or office server; Manage files and accounts; Fix or work-around common hardware and software failures; And properly equip your laptop carrying case with every imaginable tool to deal with repairs, unusual or non-standard power sources, alternate means of communication.

  • Table of Contents(第vii頁)
    • The Big Picture: The Laptop Computer(第BP-1頁)
    • Part I: Built-in Stuff(第1頁)
    • Part II: Connecting Stuff Together: Ports(第19頁)
    • Part III: The Essentials of Windows(第31頁)
    • Part IV: Managing Storage(第53頁)
    • Part V: Folders, Subfolders, and Directories(第65頁)
    • Part VI: Working with Files(第77頁)
    • Part VII: Networking(第95頁)
    • Part VIII: Using the Internet(第109頁)
    • Part IX: Tips and Tricks for the Road(第117頁)
    • Part X: Keyboard Shortcuts for Laptop Users(第135頁)
    • Part XI: Microsoft Excel Shortcuts(第143頁)
    • Part XII: Microsoft Word Shortcuts(第151頁)
    • Part XIII: Microsoft PowerPoint Shortcuts(第159頁)
    • Part XIV: Packing an Emergency Kit(第173頁)
    • Glossary: Tech Talk(第189頁)
    • Index(第197頁)
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