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  • 作者: written by Wei-Jun Zhu and De-Ming Liau , Chief edited by Lou Tian-Gang
  • 出版社:Tourism and Travel Bureau, Taipei County
  • 出版年:2009
  • 集叢名:Bei xian you qu:v. 8 Insight travel guides
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  • 附註:Chinese title : 十分 : 天燈翔舞鐵道忙

Encounter the Culture, History, and Spirits of Taipei County
In recent years, tourism has become a popular business and which is stimulated by the government, and is also an environmentally-friendly industry that the rest of the world is now constantly developing. We used to think of only beautiful sights when it comes to tourism; now there are historical ruins to attract tourists as well, such as the old streets in Jiufen, the thirteen-layer old coal mine ruins in Jinguashi, the railroad and mine industry in Pingxi and, of course, we can not leave out the hot springs in Wulai. These are all our precious cultural tourism resources.
Since Xi-Wei was elected, I have devoted myself to integrating the tourism resources of Taipei County and am now going to show the best of Taipei County to the world. After Taipei County was promoted to a directly-controlled municipality in October of 2005, we established the Tourism and Travel Bureau so that we can implement a more professional approach to planning and arranging projects.

Wulai Designated Scenic Area, Ruifang Designated Scenic Area and Shifen Designated Scenic Area are the three county scenic areas that are the crucial sites for our present tourism promotion. These scenic areas not only hold abundant natural resources, but also contain long histories. They are definitely worth your time to go and explore. Wandering in the areas will take you backto the past and bring you a sense of nostalgia.

Spectacular sceneries can be damaged if we don’t care for them. The tracks of human history could even disappear over time, just like the gold mining industry in Jiufen and Jinguashi and the old coal mines in Houtong, Pingxi Township. The mines from many years past have been hidden by weeds and the stories of the hardworking miners are gradually being forgotten. We hope to preserve the historical stories of each scenic area through this travel guide and at the same time give tourists the opportunity to encounter the cultures and histories of these places throughout their travels.

Taipei County Government will continuously bring about more flagship tourism plans, including the Jinguashi – Jiufen Cable Car Project, Houtong Coal Mine Ecological Park Project, Shifen County Park Project, Wulai Hot Spring Development Project, as well as many more. We hope to create an environment which is more appropriate for international tourists as well as to promote the local economy and accomplish the political vision of “Happiness, Glamour, Big Taipei.”

  • Preface(第2頁)
    • Encounter the Culture, History, and Spirits of Taipei County(第2頁)
    • Insights into Cultural Tourism(第4頁)
  • Frist Sight(第7頁)
    • See You at Shifen(第8頁)
    • Shifen Designated Scenic Area(第8頁)
    • Shifen’s Sky Lanterns, Shifen’s Love(第10頁)
  • Nature(第15頁)
    • Nature Tours(第16頁)
    • Shifen’s Natural Resources(第21頁)
  • Culture(第25頁)
    • The History of Sky the Lanterns(第27頁)
    • A Period of Hardship – History of Pingxi Coal Mine(第30頁)
    • A Historic Page – Pingxi Railway and Its History(第38頁)
  • Food(第41頁)
    • The Unforgettable Taste(第42頁)
  • Itinerary(第47頁)
    • Pingxi Travel News(第48頁)
    • Walking along Pingxi Railway(第52頁)
  • Transportation(第59頁)
    • Shifen Transport Information(第60頁)
  • Attachment(第63頁)
    • List of Relevant Information(第64頁)
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