• 歡樂節慶:創意卡片
  • 點閱:15
  • 並列題名:Make your card with your own hands
  • 作者: 宇宙創意工作小組編企 , 吳幸芳譯
  • 出版社:博學館出版社出版 瑞昇文化圖書總經銷
  • 出版年:2000[民89]
  • 集叢名:創意生活DIY系列:2
  • ISBN:978-957-766-089-3 ; 957-766-089-4
  • 格式:PDF
  • 附註:中英對照 封面英文題名 : Merry festivals
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Editor's letter

Do you remember your relatives in the far away in the festivals? Chinese New Year or other festivals is important for us and we always pick some cards which is written about our recent situations to our relatives and friends.
One word and one card not only present your miss for them,but also show your blessing. So, a beautiful card is valuable. Especially, a card which you make by yourself is more precious. Do you ever find a proper book to make your own card? 'Merry Festivals' is a tool book which is designed to many festivals.
In this book, you can find your topic quickly and express your miss for your relatives and friends clearly in the shortest time.

  • 前言 Introduction(第3頁)
  • 工具篇 Tools(第6頁)
  • 畫材篇 Painting Tools(第8頁)
  • 素材篇 Materials(第9頁)
  • 技法介紹 Introduction of Skills(第11頁)
  • 歡喜迎新春 Happy New Spring(第15頁)
  • 愛情萬萬歲 About Love Story(第28頁)
  • 美麗新世界 Wonderful World(第40頁)
  • 母親我愛您 Mon , I Love You(第49頁)
  • 粽夏夜之夢 Dream of Midsummer(第60頁)
  • 鳳凰花開時 Phoenix Flower(第69頁)
  • 快樂老爸節 Happy Father's Day(第76頁)
  • 中秋月圓時 Moonlight Beauty(第87頁)
  • 老師辛苦了 Toilsome Teacher(第96頁)
  • 恐怖驚魂夜 Heart Shaking(第105頁)
  • 歡樂聖誕 Happy Christmas(第112頁)
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