• Beagles for dummies
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  • 作者: by Susan McCullough
  • 出版社:Wiley Publishing, Inc.
  • 出版年:c2007
  • 集叢名:--For dummies
  • ISBN:9780470039618 ; 9780470125267
  • 格式:PDF
  • 版次:1st ed.

Beagles For Dummies is a necessary extension to the breed-specific For Dummies line. Labrador Retrievers For Dummies has sold 117,233 net units since publication in 2001, while Pit Bulls For Dummies has sold 68,909 net units and Dachshunds For Dummies has sold 66,835 net units since their publications in 2001.

  • Table of Contents(第ix頁)
    • Introduction(第1頁)
    • Part I: Getting to Know Beagles(第7頁)
    • Part II: Starting Life with Your Beagle(第59頁)
    • Part III: Caring for Your Beagle(第105頁)
    • Part IV: Training Your Beagle(第191頁)
    • Part V: The Part of Tens(第235頁)
    • Appendix: Wanna Know More? Additional Resources(第253頁)
    • Index(第257頁)
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