A birth plan is a communication tool for expectant mothers and those involved in the delivery of a child. The plan explains the mothers preferences for labor and delivery and eliminates any confusion. There are a wide variety of methods, strategies, and techniques available to pregnant women preparing for delivery. Birth Plans For Dummies covers methods such as Lamaze, hypnobirthing, the Bradley Method, home birth, water birth, and more. Topics include: Location and labor environment Birth attendants and companions Onset of labor Progress of labor Pain management Laboring positions Speed of delivery Instrumental birth Tearing and episiotomy Cesarean section Post-natal baby care

  • Table of Contents(第xi頁)
    • Introduction(第1頁)
    • Part I: Labor and Birth-Plan Basics(第5頁)
    • Part II: Choosing Your Birth Team, Birth Place, and Guests(第39頁)
    • Part III: Planning Childbirth Options for a Normal Birth(第89頁)
    • Part IV: Knowing Your Options for Interventions and Medications(第161頁)
    • Part V: It’s All About the Baby(第225頁)
    • Part VI: Putting Your Plan in Writing and into Action(第265頁)
    • Part VII: The Part of Tens(第313頁)
    • Index(第323頁)
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