• 日常華語動詞 [有聲書]
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  • 並列題名:Chinese verbs for everyday use
  • 作者: 馮羿連(Yilian Feng)作
  • 出版社:統一出版社
  • 出版年:2016[民105]
  • 集叢名:華語學習系列:EM45
  • ISBN:978-986-637-179-0 ; 986-637-179-4
  • 格式:PDF
  • 附註:題名取自版權頁 本電子書不含光碟,為有聲電子書
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Makes Learning Chinese Verbs FUN and EASY!
1. Easy to Learn
Explains how verbs can be used in different tenses and sentences in a clear and effective way.

2. It’s Practical
Teaches verbs for everyday use: food and drink, clothing, housing, transportation, education and entertainment.
3. Easy to Follow
Includes typical conversations with popular local businesses and services in Taiwan, so that you can use the sentences in real situations.
Helpful Features Include
1. Quick Index
Find the verbs quickly and easily.
2. Pronunciation Guide
Learn the tones and how pinyin is pronounced.
3. Verb Tense Guide
Learn how verb tenses are expressed in Chinese.
4. MP3 CD
Listen to the audio tracks to get familiar with Chinese.
5. Real Scenario Based Text
Learn how to communicate in a real scenario.

馮羿連 Yilian Feng


  • 前篇 Prelude(第1頁)
    • 前言 Foreword(第1頁)
    • 目錄 Table of Contents(第2頁)
    • 索引 Index(第7頁)
    • 發音 Pronunciation Guide(第13頁)
    • 動詞時式 Verb Tenses(第17頁)
  • 第一章 Chapter One 食 Food & Drink(第30頁)
    • 第一課 Lesson 1 吃 Eat(第31頁)
    • 第二課 Lesson 2 喝 Drink(第42頁)
    • 第三課 Lesson 3 點餐 Order(第58頁)
  • 第二章 Chapter Two 衣 Clothing(第82頁)
    • 第一課 Lesson 1 穿 Wear(第83頁)
    • 第二課 Lesson 2 戴 Put on ; Wear(第94頁)
    • 第三課 Lesson 3 逛街 Go Window Shopping(第109頁)
  • 第三章 Chapter Three 住 Housing(第119頁)
    • 第一課 Lesson 1 住 Live or Stay(第120頁)
    • 第二課 Lesson 2 租 Rent(第138頁)
  • 第四章 Chapter Four 行 Transportation(第152頁)
    • 第一課 Lesson 1 搭公車 Take a City Bus(第153頁)
    • 第二課 Lesson 2 騎機車 Ride a Scooter(第166頁)
  • 第五章 Chapter Five 育 Education(第180頁)
    • 第一課 Lesson 1 教書 Teach(第181頁)
    • 第二課 Lesson 2 繳學費 Pay the Tuition Fee(第197頁)
  • 第六章 Chapter Six 樂 Entertainment(第212頁)
    • 第一課 Lesson 1 玩樂器 Play an Instrument(第213頁)
    • 第二課 Lesson 2 看天氣預報 Watch the Weather Forecast(第226頁)
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