• Creating Mobile Apps with jQuery Mobile
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  • 作者: by Andy Matthews, Shane Gliser
  • 出版社:Packt Publishing Ltd.
  • 出版年:2015
  • ISBN:9781783555116; 9781783555123
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About This Book
◆ Learn how to integrate advanced features such as Geolocation, HTML 5 Video, and the Web Audio API into your web application
◆ Enhance your efficiency by automating repetitive tasks with the Grunt task runner
◆ Effortlessly blend and integrate jQuery Mobile with existing WordPress, Drupal, and HarpJS projects
Who This Book Is For

This book assumes a basic level of experience with standard web development.
If you've used jQuery Mobile before, you're good to go. Otherwise, you can pick it up along the way.
What You Will Learn
◆ Check and monitor the user's position with the Geolocation API
◆ Automate repetitive tasks with Grunt
◆ Integrate your jQuery Mobile app into popular content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal, and HarpJS
◆ Incorporate third-party APIs such as Google's Analytics, Maps, and Feeds
◆ Leverage HTML5 video and audio, including a jQuery Mobile player interface
◆ Auto validate your mobile forms with jQuery Validate on both page-by-page and multi-page views
◆ Use jQuery Mobile to create a fully responsive web design for photographers using the lightGallery plugin
In Detail
jQuery Mobile is a mobile-centric web framework developed by the jQuery team.
The project focuses on building a framework compatible with the ever-increasing variety of smartphones and tablet computers on the market.
The jQuery Mobile framework plays well with other frameworks and platforms, such as PhoneGap and Backbone.
Automate repetitive tasks easily and painlessly with the Grunt task runner, build a fully responsive, gorgeous photography website, and learn how to mix and match jQuery Mobile 1.4.5 into existing websites and how to deploy those changes to content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal, and HarpJS.
jQuery Mobile aims to reach everyone, and so does this book. It will enhance your mobile knowledge and help you to create versatile, unique sites quickly and easily.

Andy Matthews
Andy Matthews has been working as a web application developer for over 17 years, with experience in a wide range of industries and a skillset which includes UI/UX, graphic design, and programming.
Andy is currently a senior software engineer at the online ticketing service, Eventbrite.
He is the coauthor of the book, jQuery Mobile Web Development Essentials, Packt Publishing and has written for Adobe, NetTuts, and .NET Magazine.
He is a frequent speaker at conferences around the country, and he has developed a number of projects for the open source community.

He lives in Nashville, TN, with his wife and four children.
You can contact him at andymatthews.net/, https://twitter.com/commadelimited, or https://github.com/commadelimited.

  • Preface(第1頁)
  • Chapter 1: Prototyping jQuery Mobile(第11頁)
    • The game has changed(第11頁)
    • The mobile usage pattern(第12頁)
    • HTML prototyping versus drawing(第13頁)
    • Getting our hands dirty with small businesses(第14頁)
    • Designing the remaining components(第17頁)
    • Design requirements(第20頁)
    • Alternates to paper prototyping(第21頁)
    • Summary(第21頁)
  • Chapter 2: Making a Mom-and-pop Mobile Website(第23頁)
    • Writing a new jQuery Mobile boilerplate(第23頁)
    • Meta viewport differences(第25頁)
    • Full-site links beyond the industry standard(第26頁)
    • The global JavaScript(第28頁)
    • The global CSS(第28頁)
    • Breaking the HTML into a server-side template(第29頁)
    • What we need to create our site(第32頁)
    • Getting Glyphish and defining custom icons(第33頁)
    • Linking to phones, e-mails, and maps(第35頁)
    • Custom fonts(第38頁)
    • Optimization - why you should be thinking of it first(第39頁)
    • The final product(第42頁)
    • The custom CSS(第44頁)
    • The resulting first page(第47頁)
    • Getting the user to our mobile site(第48頁)
    • Detecting and redirecting using JavaScript(第48頁)
    • Detecting on the server(第50頁)
    • Summary(第50頁)
  • Chapter 3 : Analytics, Long Forms, and Frontend Validation(第51頁)
    • Google Static Maps(第51頁)
    • Creating long and multi-page forms(第58頁)
    • Integrating jQuery Validate(第60頁)
    • E-commerce tracking with Google Analytics(第72頁)
    • Summary(第73頁)
  • Chapter 4: QR Code, Geolocation, Google Maps API, and HTML5 Video(第75頁)
    • QR codes(第75頁)
    • Geolocation(第77頁)
    • Driving directions with the Google Maps API(第88頁)
    • Geek out moment - GPS monitoring(第92頁)
    • Linking and embedding video(第98頁)
    • Summary(第99頁)
  • Chapter 5: Client-side Templating, JSON APIs, and HTML5 Web Storage(第101頁)
    • Client-side templating(第102頁)
    • Patching into JSON APIs (GitHub)(第103頁)
    • Programmatically changing pages(第107頁)
    • Generated pages and DOM weight(第107頁)
    • Leveraging RSS feeds(第108頁)
    • HTML5 Web Storage(第112頁)
    • Summary(第114頁)
  • Chapter 6: Automating Your Workflow with Grunt(第115頁)
    • Introducing Grunt - a JavaScript task runner(第115頁)
    • Installing Grunt(第116頁)
    • Summary(第129頁)
  • Chapter 7: Working with HTML5 Audio(第131頁)
    • HTML5 Audio(第131頁)
    • Fixed position persistent toolbars(第134頁)
    • Controlling HTML5 Audio with JavaScript(第136頁)
    • HTML5 Audio in iOS(第143頁)
    • Multipage jQuery Mobile apps made useful(第143頁)
    • Saving to the home screen with HTML5 manifest(第157頁)
    • Summary(第160頁)
  • Chapter 8: Fully Responsive Photography(第161頁)
    • Creating a basic gallery using lightGallery(第162頁)
    • Supporting the full range of device sizes – responsive web design(第164頁)
    • Text readability and responsive design(第169頁)
    • Cycling background images(第175頁)
    • Another responsive approach – RESS(第178頁)
    • Summary(第179頁)
    • The final code(第179頁)
  • Chapter 9: Integrating jQuery Mobile into Existing Sites(第181頁)
    • Detecting mobile – server-side, client-side, and the combination of the two(第181頁)
    • Mobilizing full-site pages – the hard way(第194頁)
    • Mobilizing full-site pages – the easy way(第200頁)
    • Summary(第208頁)
  • Chapter 10: Content Management Systems, Static Site Generators, and jQM(第209頁)
    • The current CMS landscape(第210頁)
    • WordPress and jQuery Mobile(第210頁)
    • Updating your WordPress and Drupal templates(第222頁)
    • Static Site Generators(第223頁)
    • Adobe Experience Manager(第232頁)
    • Summary(第235頁)
  • Chapter 11: Putting It All Together – Community Radio(第237頁)
    • A taste of Balsamiq(第238頁)
    • Organizing your code(第241頁)
    • Introduction to the Web Audio API(第246頁)
    • Prompting the user to install your app(第250頁)
    • New device-level hardware access(第251頁)
    • To app or not to app, that is the question(第252頁)
    • Adobe PhoneGap versus Apache Cordova(第256頁)
    • Summary(第259頁)
  • Index(第261頁)
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