• Thermodynamics for dummies
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  • 作者: by Mike Pauken
  • 出版社:John Wiley & Sons Inc.
  • 出版年:c2011
  • 集叢名:--For dummies
  • ISBN:9781118002919 ; 9781118120996
  • 格式:PDF
  • 版次:1st ed.

Thermodynamics For Dummies tracks to a typical thermodynamics course offered at the undergraduate level and assists readers in understanding the fundamental concepts of the subject and helps to develop problem-solving skills through practice in solving energy-related problems. Specific coverage includes: General balance principle (open systems, closed systems, rate balances, increment balances) Mass balances (specific volume, system mass, mass-flow rate) Zeroth law (thermodynamic equilibrium and temperature) First-law balances (internal energy, enthalpy) Second-law balances (availability, entropy) Cycles (Rankine, Brayton, vapor-compression) Non-reacting mixtures of ideal gases Reacting mixtures (mass balances, energy balances, heating values, standardized enthalpy).

  • Introduction(第1頁)
    • About This Book(第1頁)
    • Conventions Used in This Book(第2頁)
    • What You’re Not to Read(第2頁)
    • Foolish Assumptions(第3頁)
    • How This Book Is Organized(第3頁)
    • Icons Used in This Book(第5頁)
    • Where to Go from Here(第6頁)
  • Part I: Covering the Basics in Thermodynamics(第7頁)
    • Chapter 1: Thermodynamics in Everyday Life(第9頁)
    • Chapter 2: Laying the Foundation of Thermodynamics(第15頁)
    • Chapter 3: Working with Phases and Properties of Substances(第39頁)
    • Chapter 4: Work and Heat Go Together Like Macaroni and Cheese(第57頁)
  • Part II: Employing the Laws of Thermodynamics(第75頁)
    • Chapter 5: Using the First Law in Closed Systems(第77頁)
    • Chapter 6: Using the First Law in Open Systems(第91頁)
    • Chapter 7: Governing Heat Engines and Refrigerators with the Second Law(第111頁)
    • Chapter 8: Entropy Is the Demise of the Universe(第123頁)
    • Chapter 9: Analyzing Systems Using the Second Law of Thermodynamics(第145頁)
  • Part III: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: Making Heat Work for You(第165頁)
    • Chapter 10: Working with Carnot and Brayton Cycles(第167頁)
    • Chapter 11: Working with Otto and Diesel Cycles(第197頁)
    • Chapter 12: Working with Rankine Cycles(第221頁)
    • Chapter 13: Cooling Off with Refrigeration Cycles(第243頁)
  • Part IV: Handling Thermodynamic Relationships, Reactions, and Mixtures(第265頁)
    • Chapter 14: Understanding the Behavior of Real Gases(第267頁)
    • Chapter 15: Mixing Gases That Don’t React with Each Other(第277頁)
    • Chapter 16: Burning Up with Combustion(第303頁)
  • Part V: The Part of Tens(第325頁)
    • Chapter 17: Ten Famous Names in Thermodynamics(第327頁)
    • Chapter 18: Ten More Cycles of Note(第331頁)
  • Appendix: Thermodynamic Property Tables(第341頁)
  • Index(第351頁)
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