• The blueberry patch
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  • 作者: Laura Lee Royale
  • 出版社:Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co.
  • 出版年:c2014
  • ISBN:9781631357633; 9781628571394
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The Blueberry Patch is a family saga novel that tells the story of a mother and daughter battling mental illness in very different ways.
Janet Robbins and her mother, Helen Kendricks, are both diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder. Janet tries to do everything she is told by her doctors and follow the rules, but still encounters obstacles in her battle to come to terms with her diagnosis. Helen is defiant, and stubbornly doesn’t think she needs medication, which causes her to plummet to highs and lows so severe that her family worries for her safety.
The Blueberry Patch will open eyes to the struggles bipolar affective patients face in today’s society. The story also gives many bipolar affective patients hope, with the knowledge that it is possible to overcome this diagnosis and lead a normal life.

First-time author Laura Lee Royale hails from the Black Hills of South Dakota, where she was a newspaper reporter. Royale also started a community newspaper in Colorado and worked as a freelance writer. “There hasn't been a readable book out on mental illness since One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” she says. “So many people are ashamed of being diagnosed as bipolar. I want people to know that this is a manageable diagnosis. The best way to educate the masses about mental illness is by telling a story that everyone can read and understand.” She is writing a sequel.

  • Dedication(第iii頁)
  • Chapter One(第1頁)
  • Chapter Two(第13頁)
  • Chapter Three(第23頁)
  • Chapter Four(第31頁)
  • Chapter Five(第35頁)
  • Chapter Six(第41頁)
  • Chapter Seven(第50頁)
  • Chapter Eight(第55頁)
  • Chapter Nine(第61頁)
  • Chapter Ten(第66頁)
  • Chapter Eleven(第72頁)
  • Chapter Twelve(第80頁)
  • Chapter Thirteen(第89頁)
  • Chapter Fourteen(第96頁)
  • Chapter Fifteen(第106頁)
  • Chapter Sixteen(第112頁)
  • Chapter Seventeen(第119頁)
  • Chapter Eighteen(第125頁)
  • Chapter Nineteen(第131頁)
  • Chapter Twenty(第136頁)
  • Chapter Twenty-One(第143頁)
  • Chapter Twenty-Two(第156頁)
  • Chapter Twenty-Three(第162頁)
  • Chapter Twenty-Four(第170頁)
  • Chapter Twenty-Five(第180頁)
  • Chapter Twenty-Six(第188頁)
  • Chapter Twenty-Seven(第196頁)
  • Chapter Twenty-Eight(第203頁)
  • Chapter Twenty-Nine(第211頁)
  • Chapter Thirty(第220頁)
  • Chapter Thirty-One(第228頁)
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