• Blue speaks eternally
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  • 作者: Victoria Wagner
  • 出版社:Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co.
  • 出版年:c2014
  • ISBN:9781631357046; 9781628574197
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Blue Speaks Eternally, 5 star Readers' Favorite medal and the 2014 bronze medal winner from the Jenkins Group to authors, whose book promotes the importance of protecting our planet through green living, is the story of a blue whale pod as they migrate from the warm waters of Southern California to the changing waters of Alaska. The story is seen through the eyes of a young adult blue whale named Kip. Among the tales are the history of his pod family and its amazing survival from extinction, encounters with his ocean friends, and a single dangerous enemy. Startling news from the humans atop the water brings a life threatening message to Kip and all ocean life.

Victoria Wagner's interest in the Blue Whale and the oceans are a result of her lifelong travels around the world. A graduate of the Thunderbird Global School of Management, she has sailed off New Zealand, visited the Far East, and became introduced to the Japanese culture of whaling. She resides in California and has been a whale watcher along the Pacific coast for decades.

  • Prologue(第xi頁)
  • Chapter One: Kip’s Introduction(第1頁)
  • Chapter Two: Lisbeth and Kip Chat(第5頁)
  • Chapter Three: Help from the Humans(第14頁)
  • Chapter Four: Kip and Smithson(第18頁)
  • Chapter Five: Dauphine to the Rescue(第22頁)
  • Chapter Six: Humans Discuss Naval Plans(第27頁)
  • Chapter Seven: Kip and the Gray Whale(第31頁)
  • Chapter Eight: Afternoon Krill(第37頁)
  • Chapter Nine: Leaving La Jolla(第42頁)
  • Chapter Ten: Aloha(第45頁)
  • Chapter Eleven: Sea Lion Rescues(第51頁)
  • Chapter Twelve: An Otter World(第55頁)
  • Chapter Thirteen: National Defense / Natural Resources(第60頁)
  • Chapter Fourteen: Ocean Pilot(第66頁)
  • Chapter Fifteen: Northwest Sights(第70頁)
  • Chapter Sixteen: Beluga Buddies(第76頁)
  • Chapter Seventeen: Around the Nelson Lagoon(第82頁)
  • Chapter Eighteen: The Future(第86頁)
  • Chapter Nineteen: Chukchi Sea(第92頁)
  • Bibliography(第99頁)
  • Also by Victoria Wagner(第100頁)
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