• An amazing human journey:remembering from the subconscious mind. volume one
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  • 作者: Shakuntala Modi, M.D
  • 出版社:Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co.
  • 出版年:c2014
  • ISBN:9781631356711; 9781612044026
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When did the first humans begin to inhabit the Earth? How did they get here? Why and for what purpose were they put here? How did they evolve from the first humans who looked like a Botticelli painting, to 'ape-like' humans, to modern day humans? You will also read about Lamuria and Atlantis ,and without spirituality how Atlanteans destroyed themselves and their continent. Dr. Modi explains all this and more in her remarkable work about the astounding past and future of mankind. In doing this, she describes how spirituality is the key to successfully fulfilling mankind's desire to become one with God. According to Dr. Modi, human beings have the unique potential to create a heaven-like society on Earth by spreading the spirituality on Earth that will eventually spread to neighboring planets, galaxies, and the entire universe through the continued development and enhancement of spirituality. From what was, to what is, could well include a future with the entire universe 'going home to God.' The book takes you on what can only be described as An Amazing Human Journey.

About the Author Shakuntala Modi, M.D. is a board certified psychiatrist practicing in Wheeling, West Virginia. She has published three books: Remarkable Healings, which describes a new theory for mental and physical illness, and Memories of God & Creation, a compilation of peoples' memories of God and creation under hypnosis. Her third book titled Prayers for Healing and Protection: A Gift from God in which prayers and healing techniques were given by God and different heavenly beings through her hypnotized patients for over twenty-seven years. The author was given two awards by the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists: (1) Outstanding Transpersonal Contributions in Hypnotherapy, 1999; and (2) Lifetime of Achievement in Hypnotherapy, 2012.

  • Introduction(第xii頁)
  • Chapter 1. Original Plan For Humans(第1頁)
    • History and Purpose of Creation(第1頁)
    • Plan for the Development of God(第9頁)
    • Planning for the First Incarnation(第11頁)
    • The First Humans Like Botticelli(第12頁)
    • First Ape Like Humans(第20頁)
    • Original Plan For Development of Humans(第26頁)
    • Breakdown of the Original Plan Due to Satanic Influences(第29頁)
    • Going Back to the Original Plan of Spiritual Merging in the Future(第31頁)
  • Chapter 2. DNA: What Do We Know About It?(第34頁)
    • Karmic Imprints on DNA(第34頁)
    • Planning the Karmas to Be Imprinted on DNA(第41頁)
    • Process of Imprinting Karmas on DNA(第43頁)
  • Chapter 3. The Aliens Arrive: History of Alien Visitors on Earth(第47頁)
    • The Eight Alien Races Who Made an Impact on Humanity(第48頁)
    • First Group of Aliens – Three Alien Races(第49頁)
    • Second Group of Aliens – Five Races(第78頁)
    • An Overview of Genetic Modifi cations Done in Humans by the Alien Races(第99頁)
    • Summary(第106頁)
    • Modern Interaction Between Aliens and Humans(第113頁)
  • Chapter 4. Lamuria: The Lost Continent(第121頁)
    • Geography and Location of Lamuria(第121頁)
    • How Lamuria Was Populated(第124頁)
    • Sacred Garden in Lamuria(第138頁)
    • Teachings by Aliens in Lamuria(第140頁)
    • Society and Culture of Lamuria(第155頁)
    • Concept of Spiritual Development in Lamuria(第165頁)
    • Lamurians in Atlantis(第172頁)
    • Traders in Lamuria(第178頁)
    • Atlantean Colonies in Lamuria(第182頁)
    • Atlanteans Drilling in the Mountain in Lamuria(第192頁)
    • Lamurians Using Crystals to Control High-Ability Lamurians(第196頁)
    • Low-Ability Lamurians Joining the Atlanteans(第202頁)
    • Destruction of Lamuria(第208頁)
    • Altruistic Nature of High-Ability Lamurians(第216頁)
    • Genetic Changes(第221頁)
  • Chapter 5. Atlantis: Fact or Fiction(第224頁)
    • Location and Geography of Atlantis(第224頁)
    • How Atlantis was Populated(第228頁)
    • Appearance of Atlanteans(第229頁)
    • Development of Atlantean Culture(第229頁)
    • Ruling Class(第236頁)
    • Trade in Atlantis(第239頁)
    • Religion and Spirituality in Atlantis(第244頁)
    • Drug Use in Atlantis(第254頁)
    • Technologists in Atlantis(第257頁)
    • Technology in Atlantis(第264頁)
    • Alien Races Four and Five of Group Two in Atlantis(第283頁)
    • Golden Age in Atlantis(第308頁)
    • Precursor Lives(第350頁)
  • Chapter 6. Fall of Atlantis: The Dark Ages(第398頁)
    • Atlantean Spirituality During the Dark Ages(第402頁)
    • Drug Use During the Dark Ages(第406頁)
    • Trade and Colonization During the Dark Ages(第410頁)
    • Ruling Class at the Beginning of the Dark Ages(第419頁)
    • Technology During the Dark Ages(第427頁)
    • Relationship Between Psychology and Electronics(第430頁)
    • Alien Races Four and Five of Group Two in Atlantis(第433頁)
    • Heinous Crimes in Atlantis During the Dark Ages(第514頁)
    • Final Insult(第548頁)
    • Role of Satan and His Demons in Atlantis(第582頁)
    • Drug Use and Demonic Influences(第592頁)
    • Destruction of Atlantis(第594頁)
    • Problems Coming From Atlantis(第611頁)
    • Time Line(第613頁)
  • Afterthoughts(第614頁)
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