• Mandolin for dummies
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  • 作者: by Don Julin and Scott Tichenor
  • 出版社:John Wiley & Sons ltd.
  • 出版年:c2012
  • 集叢名:--For dummies
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The fun and easy way to learn to play the mandolin
The newest addition to the highly successful Dummies instrument-instruction line, Mandolin For Dummies gives you easy-to-follow, step-by-step instruction on learning to play the mandolin. Following the time-tested Dummies format, Mandolin For Dummies provides a level of content and instruction greater than anything currently available.
Mandolin For Dummies breaks down the fundamentals of this instrument and provides the resources you need to practice and improve your ability over time.

Packed with individualized instruction on key mandolin-friendly musical styles, including Irish and Celtic, 'old time' American music, blues, bluegrass, swing, and jazz
Files available via download provide audio tracks from the book and exercises so you can play along and build your skills -- almost 2 hours of music!
Clear and useful photos and diagrams ensure you fret, strum, and pick with precision
Includes a mandolin buying guide to help ensure you make the right purchases
Tips on restringing mandolins and other DIY care and maintenance topics
If you're an aspiring mandolin player, don't fret! Mandolin For Dummies has you covered.

About the Author
Don Julin is a professional mandolin player, instructor, and recording artist. Don has spent the last 30 years challenging the boundaries of the mandolin and developing a reputation for being one of the most eclectic mandolin players on the scene today.

  • Introduction(第1頁)
    • About This Book(第1頁)
    • What You’re Not to Read(第2頁)
    • Conventions Used in This Book(第2頁)
    • Foolish Assumptions(第3頁)
    • How This Book Is Organised(第3頁)
    • Icons Used in This Book(第5頁)
    • Accessing the Audio Tracks(第6頁)
    • Where to Go from Here(第6頁)
  • Part I: Being Bitten By the Mandolin Bug(第7頁)
    • Chapter 1: Becoming Acquainted with Your Mandolin(第9頁)
    • Chapter 2: Getting to Grips with Tuning and Terminology(第21頁)
    • Chapter 3: Getting a Handle on Your Mandolin(第29頁)
  • Part II: Starting to Play the Mandolin(第37頁)
    • Chapter 4: Making Music on the Mandolin(第39頁)
    • Chapter 5: Picking with the Right Hand(第65頁)
    • Chapter 6: Fretting Notes and Chords with the Left Hand(第93頁)
    • Chapter 7: Playing ‘Jethro’-Style Three-String Chords(第115頁)
    • Chapter 8: Playing Mandolin Music: Scales and Melody(第129頁)
  • Part III: Putting Playing Styles into Practice(第153頁)
    • Chapter 9: Playing Music from Yesteryear: Old Time, Rags and Blues(第155頁)
    • Chapter 10: Giving your Mandolin a Speedy Workout: Bluegrass(第187頁)
    • Chapter 11: Travelling to the Emerald Isle: Irish Mandolin(第209頁)
    • Chapter 12: Taking a Quick World Tour(第225頁)
    • Chapter 13: Swinging to Those Jazzy Rhythms(第241頁)
    • Chapter 14: Blending Styles: Dawg Music(第265頁)
  • Part IV: Purchasing and Caring For Your Mandolin(第275頁)
    • Chapter 15: Selecting and Buying a Mandolin(第277頁)
    • Chapter 16: Building Your Accessories Kit(第291頁)
    • Chapter 17: All Change: Replacing Your Mandolin’s Strings(第301頁)
    • Chapter 18: Caring For and Repairing Your Mandolin(第311頁)
  • Part V: The Part of Tens(第321頁)
    • Chapter 19: Ten (or so) Tips on Becoming a Good Mandolin Player(第323頁)
    • Chapter 20: Ten Mandolin Players You Need To Know(第329頁)
    • Chapter 21: Ten Ways of Tapping Into the Mandolin Subculture(第335頁)
  • Part VI: Appendixes(第341頁)
    • Appendix A: Chord Charts(第343頁)
    • Appendix B: Reading Standard Musical Notation(第347頁)
    • Appendix C: Audio Tracks(第359頁)
  • Index(第365頁)
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