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  • 作者: by Ali Luke
  • 出版社:John Wiley & Sons Inc.
  • 出版年:c2012
  • 集叢名:--For dummies
  • ISBN:9781118342909 ; 9781118372784
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Publish, market, and sell your own e-book.
Although creating an e-book seems fairly straightforward, it is not. You need to select and create a variety of formats that will be read on a variety of e-reader devices--and market and sell your book in a variety of ways.
Before you take the plunge, get this practical guide. With clear instruction and sensible advice, it will help you navigate the often confusing, time-consuming, and costly world of self-publishing an e-book. The book gives you solid marketing tips for selling your e-book, including using blogging and social media and how to build an online platform. It also discusses key technologies you'll encounter, including Smashwords, iBooks Author, Amazon, Microsoft Word, Open Office, Calibre, WordPress, E-junkie, and others.
Helps readers navigate the confusing, time-consuming, and often costly world of self-publishing an e-book

Provides both technical how-tos as well solid marketing advice on how to sell your e-book using Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and other social media sites
Covers essential technologies, such as Smashwords, iBooks Author, Amazon, Microsoft Word, Open Office, Calibre, WordPress, and E-junkie
Explores e-book devices, including Kindle, Kobo, Sony Reader, Nook, iPad, and other tablets
Delves into the nitty-gritty of e-book formats Before you self-publish your e-book, start first with Publishing eBooks For Dummies.

About the Author
Ali Luke is an e-book author, an editor, and a publisher as well as a writing coach. She has written more than a dozen e-books, and has worked with clients on every step of creating and publishing their e-books. Visit her website at www.aliventures.com and join her 4,000 Twitter followers at @aliventures.

  • Introduction(第1頁)
    • About This Book(第1頁)
    • Conventions Used in This Book(第1頁)
    • Foolish Assumptions(第2頁)
    • How This Book is Organized(第2頁)
    • Icons Used in This Book(第4頁)
    • Where to Go from Here(第5頁)
  • Part I: Getting to Know E-Books(第7頁)
    • Chapter 1: Introducing E-Book Basics(第9頁)
    • Chapter 2: Joining the E-Book Revolution(第17頁)
    • Chapter 3: The Minimum You Must Do to Write an E-Book(第29頁)
  • Part II: Creating Your E-Book(第41頁)
    • Chapter 4: Formatting Your E-Book Manuscript in Word(第43頁)
    • Chapter 5: Designing a Professional E-Book Cover (Without Spending a Fortune)(第63頁)
    • Chapter 6: Creating an Instant E-Book Using a PDF File(第81頁)
    • Chapter 7: Creating an Interactive E-Book with iBooks Author(第89頁)
    • Chapter 8: Creating MOBI or EPUB Files with Calibre(第97頁)
  • Part III: Creating Your Website(第109頁)
    • Chapter 9: Using WordPress to Set Up a Website or Blog(第111頁)
    • Chapter 10: Crafting an Effective Sales Page for Your E-Book(第129頁)
  • Part IV: Selling Your E-Book(第145頁)
    • Chapter 11: Pricing Your E-Book Effectively(第147頁)
    • Chapter 12: Using E-junkie to Sell and Deliver Your E-Book(第161頁)
    • Chapter 13: Listing Your E-Book on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing(第173頁)
    • Chapter 14: Using Smashwords to Distribute Your E-Book to Other Retailers(第191頁)
  • Part V: Marketing Your E-Book(第205頁)
    • Chapter 15: Marketing Your E-Book via Amazon and Other Online Stores(第207頁)
    • Chapter 16: Promoting Your E-Book on Facebook and Twitter(第217頁)
    • Chapter 17: Promoting Your E-Book on Goodreads(第231頁)
    • Chapter 18: Using Blogs and E-Mail Lists to Promote Your E-Book(第241頁)
  • Part VI: The Part of Tens(第255頁)
    • Chapter 19: Ten Common E-Book Problems — and How to Fix Them(第257頁)
    • Chapter 20: Ten Tips for Editing and Proofreading Your E-Book(第267頁)
    • Chapter 21: Ten Ways to Enhance Your E-Book Sales — or Your Career(第275頁)
  • Index(第283頁)
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