• Building Apple Watch projects:discover exciting and fun projects by building brilliant applications for the Apple Watch
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  • 作者: Stuart Grimshaw
  • 出版社:Packt Publishing Ltd.
  • 出版年:2016
  • ISBN:9781785887369; 9781785887055;
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Building Apple Watch Projects provides you with end-to-end guidance on creating a range of apps for the Apple Watch, covering such essential topics as location frameworks, data storage, communication with the iPhone, and animation, to name just a few. It applies the reader's basic Swift knowledge to real-world programming challenges in an easy, step-by-step manner, starting with a simple animated version of the ubiquitous Hello World app, progressing to apps that are Internet connected,location-aware, and fascinating to use, spanning the genres of productivity, games, and lifestyle apps.

The book contains many tips around making the best use of your coding skills, the tools that surround app development, and the many resources and utilities that exist to make your progress as a developer as smooth and enjoyable as it can be.

By the end of this book, you will have taken apps from the earliest conceptual stages right up to the Store submission.

Stuart Grimshaw has programmed for Apple computers since the days before OS X and has been involved with developing for Apple Watch since its release.

Born in the UK and having lived in Germany and the Netherlands, he is currently an iOS developer in Auckland, New Zealand, where he works on some of Australia–New Zealand's largest video and TV delivery apps and heads the research and development of both watchOS and tvOS applications. He is passionate about the potential of the Apple Watch and Apple TV as well as Apple's Swift programming language and is a keen proponent of beach coding.

  • Preface(第xi頁)
  • Chapter 1 : Exploring the New Platform(第1頁)
    • Wide open future(第1頁)
    • A closer look at the watch(第2頁)
    • A look under the hood(第4頁)
    • One App, four interfaces(第7頁)
    • User Input Hardware(第9頁)
    • Extension of the iPhone, but more(第12頁)
    • Summary(第13頁)
  • Chapter 2 : Hello Watch(第15頁)
    • Setting it all up(第16頁)
    • Looking over the project(第20頁)
    • Adding some content on screen(第22頁)
    • Give the UI some visual appeal(第26頁)
    • Adding some animation magic(第30頁)
    • Getting user input(第33頁)
    • Ideas for self study(第37頁)
    • Summary(第38頁)
  • Chapter 3 : C - Quence – A Memory Game(第39頁)
    • Plan the app(第40頁)
    • Setting up the project(第44頁)
    • GameLogic(第52頁)
    • Interface Controller(第56頁)
    • Summary(第64頁)
  • Chapter 4 : Expanding on C-Quence(第65頁)
    • Implementing the methods(第65頁)
    • Testing and tweaking(第76頁)
    • Communicating with the phone(第81頁)
    • Summary(第93頁)
  • Chapter 5 : On Q – A Productivity App(第95頁)
    • Download the project template(第95頁)
    • Plan the Watch app(第96頁)
    • Setting up the project(第100頁)
    • Writing the code(第102頁)
    • Testing with the iPhone and real data(第123頁)
    • Challenges for further growth(第124頁)
    • Summary(第125頁)
  • Chapter 6 : Watching the Weather(第127頁)
    • Adding a Glance to an app(第128頁)
    • Setting up the project(第130頁)
    • Getting the data(第131頁)
    • Interface Controllers(第138頁)
    • Glances(第153頁)
    • Challenges for expansion(第158頁)
    • Summary(第158頁)
  • Chapter 7 : Plot Buddy – All about Location(第159頁)
    • Planning the app(第159頁)
    • Setting up the project(第160頁)
    • Data structure(第161頁)
    • Getting location data(第162頁)
    • The Interface Controllers(第169頁)
    • WatchConnectivity(第182頁)
    • Final test(第183頁)
    • Challenges for expansion(第184頁)
    • Summary(第184頁)
  • Chapter 8 : Images, Animation, and Sound(第185頁)
    • Adding an icon(第185頁)
    • Animation(第191頁)
    • Audio and Video(第205頁)
    • Summary(第207頁)
  • Chapter 9 : Wear It, Test It, Tweak It, Ship It(第209頁)
    • Installation on a physical device(第210頁)
    • Testing in the field(第217頁)
    • App Store submission process overview(第220頁)
    • Preparing for submission(第222頁)
    • Summary(第230頁)
  • Chapter 10 : This Is Only the Beginning(第231頁)
    • Using animation to the fullest(第232頁)
    • Making use of code snippets(第235頁)
    • Post release maintenance(第236頁)
    • Expanding your skills(第237頁)
    • Tools(第243頁)
    • Sites to be aware of(第252頁)
    • Stay in touch(第256頁)
    • Summary(第259頁)
    • One last word from the author(第260頁)
  • Index(第261頁)
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