• Bitcoin essentials:gain insights into Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency and a powerful technology, to optimize your Bitcoin mining techniques
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  • 作者: Albert Szmigielski
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  • 出版年:2016
  • ISBN:9781785281976; 9781785284670
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Surely, by now you have heard of the phenomenon called Bitcoin. Is it digital money, is it a payment system, is it a network, or is it something else? The answer is yes to all the previous questions. Bitcoin is all of those and more. In this book, we will concentrate on the mining aspect of Bitcoin. Mining is how new bitcoins are created and how transactions are accepted into the Bitcoin blockchain. We will show you how to mine for yourself, if you are interested. We explain step-by-step what is necessary and how to do it. CPU, GPU, FPGA, and ASIC mining is also discussed.

We will examine solo mining and pool mining. We will spend a little bit of time taking a look at large mining operations. Finally, we will speculate what the future may look like in the mining world of Bitcoin.

Albert Szmigielski is a thinker, a computing scientist, a software engineer, and a blockchain professional. He holds a BSc in Computer Science and an MSc in Digital Currency. He has been involved in a number of start-ups and software projects. He believes in a decentralized, distributed nature of storing information, and hence has an interest in Bitcoin and blockchain technology.

Albert is a researcher at CryptoIQ and a mentor at the Blockchain Institute.

He frequently contributes to his blog at blog.cryptoIQ.ca.

  • Preface(第v頁)
  • Chapter 1 : Bitcoin Wallets and Mining Software(第1頁)
    • Bitcoin wallets(第1頁)
    • Types of wallets(第3頁)
    • Mining software(第14頁)
    • Summary(第23頁)
  • Chapter 2 : CPU Mining(第25頁)
    • Mining with Bitcoin Core(第25頁)
    • Pros and cons of mining(第32頁)
    • Best practices when mining with CPUs(第33頁)
    • Profitability of mining(第34頁)
    • Summary(第35頁)
  • Chapter 3 : GPU Mining(第37頁)
    • Setting up a GPU for mining(第37頁)
    • Pros and cons of GPU mining(第46頁)
    • Best practices when mining with GPUs(第47頁)
    • Benchmarks of mining speeds with different GPUs(第48頁)
    • GPU versus CPU mining(第49頁)
    • Profitability of GPU mining(第49頁)
    • Summary(第50頁)
  • Chapter 4 : FPGA Mining(第51頁)
    • Setup and installation of the required software(第51頁)
    • Pros and cons of FPGA mining(第55頁)
    • Best practices when mining with FPGAs(第56頁)
    • Benchmarks of mining speeds with different FPGAs(第57頁)
    • FPGA versus GPU and CPU mining(第57頁)
    • Profitability of FPGA mining(第58頁)
    • Summary(第59頁)
  • Chapter 5 : ASIC Mining(第61頁)
    • Setting up mining software(第62頁)
    • Pros and cons of ASIC mining(第70頁)
    • Best practices when mining with ASICs(第71頁)
    • Benchmarks of mining speeds with different ASICs(第72頁)
    • ASIC versus FPGA, GPU, and CPU mining(第73頁)
    • Profitability of ASIC mining(第73頁)
    • Summary(第74頁)
  • Chapter 6 : Solo Versus Pool Mining(第75頁)
    • Solo mining(第75頁)
    • Pool mining discussion(第82頁)
    • Majority attack on Bitcoin(第85頁)
    • Summary(第86頁)
  • Chapter 7 : Large Scale Mining(第87頁)
    • Large Scale Mining overview(第87頁)
    • Large Scale Mining challenges(第90頁)
    • Large Scale Mining operations(第92頁)
    • Summary(第97頁)
  • Chapter 8 : The Future of Bitcoin Mining(第99頁)
    • Overview of the current state of mining(第99頁)
    • Further centralization of mining(第100頁)
    • Decentralized mining is key(第104頁)
    • Elimination of PoW(第104頁)
    • Can we do without mining?(第105頁)
    • Summary(第107頁)
  • Index(第109頁)
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