• 民俗曲藝 [第187期]:中國西南宗教文化 專輯I
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  • 並列題名:Journal of Chinese ritual, theatre and folklore
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中國西南宗教文化 專輯I

神明,祖先,儀式專家:明以降梅山「家主」與「地主」信仰 ⋯⋯⋯呂永昇、李新吾
神靈、龍王與官祀:以雲南大理龍關社會為核心的討論 ⋯⋯⋯ 連瑞枝
Religion as a Civilizing Process?

Rethinking Yao Religious Culture and Ritual Manuscripts ⋯⋯⋯ Chen Meiwen

做醮與地方社會:以埔里兩次醮儀為例 ⋯⋯⋯ 梅慧玉


1980 年11 月創刊,原宗旨在於報導介紹與社區廟會相關之民俗曲藝,如子弟戲、布袋戲及陣頭等。1991 年起將研究地域擴展及大陸,研究範圍增加宗教與儀式,研究視野進而包容整個文化現象,逐漸從一主要為報導的雜誌轉型為學術期刊。自2002 年3 月起,《民俗曲藝》由雙月刊改為季刊,每年3、6、9、12 月出刊。以嚴謹的編審流程,期許成為國際水準的學術期刊。

Journal of Chinese Ritual, Theatre and Folklore
(Min-su ch’ü-i) was founded in November 1980, its original goal being to publish research reports introducing traditional theatre and folklore in local society. Since 1991, the Journal’s scope has expanded to include Mainland China and examine a broad range of cultural phenomena, particularly religion and ritual.
Since 2002, the Editorial Board has worked to transform the Journal into an internationally recognized academic publication. It is now a quarterly, and is published every March, June, September and December. The Editorial Board welcomes submissions of articles, field reports, or book reviews written in either Chinese or English on the following subjects: regional theatre, music, folklore, religion, and ritual.

  • Introduction(第1頁)
  • 導言 Introduction(第33頁)
  • 〔專題〕[Articles](第45頁)
    • 神明,祖先,儀式專家:明以降梅山「家主」與「地主」信仰 Deity, Ancestor, and Ritual Specialist: Cults to the Lord of the House and the Lord of the Land in the Meishan Area from the Ming Dynasty(第45頁)
    • 神靈、龍王與官祀:以雲南大理龍關社會為核心的討論 Spirits, Dragon Kings and State Cult: An Examination of Religion and Local Society in Dali, Yunnan(第105頁)
    • Religion as a Civilizing Process? Rethinking Yao Religious Culture and Ritual Manuscripts(第155頁)
  • 〔研究論文〕[Research Paper] 做醮與地方社會:以埔里兩次醮儀為例 Jiao and the Local Society: Case Studies on Two Jiao Rituals in Puli(第211頁)
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