• An Artist Among the Wind Horses of Mongolia
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  • 作者: Erika Connor
  • 出版社:Petra Books, Ottawa
  • 出版年:2022
  • ISBN:9781989048832
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An artist visits Hustai National Park in Mongolia and takes part in the reintroduction project of the wild Przewalski horses, or Wind Horses as they are known by Mongolians. A reflection on the story of humans and horses in the wilderness, illustrated with 36 original paintings.
Searching for her place in the world, she finds company with wild horses and explores the interplay between the herd and the lone wolf.

"I slipped across the grasses, becoming one with the trees and rocks. Sometimes, they passed so close I could have reached out my hand to skim their hides, the ribs, the last of their tattered winter coats."

"It was natural then that I’d made my way here, having been affected and altered by horses throughout my life."

An excerpt of this work was published in Travelers’ Tales: The Best Travel Writing 2009, under the title, "In a Place of Wind".

  • Preface(第3頁)
  • List of Illustrations(第5頁)
  • 1 In the Beginning Horses were made of Wind(第9頁)
  • 2 Land without Fences(第15頁)
  • 3 Enclosures(第23頁)
  • 4 Herd or Recluse?(第35頁)
  • 5 Mölt Camp and the Storm(第45頁)
  • 6 Harems and Birds(第49頁)
  • 7 The Wolf Biologist(第59頁)
  • 8 Dragons(第63頁)
  • 9 Ancient Valley(第69頁)
  • 10 The Horses' Pass(第73頁)
  • 11 The Grotto(第77頁)
  • 12 Amar's Foal(第81頁)
  • 13 Mongolian Waltz(第87頁)
  • 14 Horsehair(第91頁)
  • About The Author(第95頁)
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