• 常春藤解析英語雜誌 [第412期] [有聲書]:Icons & Identities : Masterpieces of Portraiture 時代的臉孔 : 從莎士比亞到紅髮艾德
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November 2022

November has arrived, which means the weather is getting colder, and days are getting shorter. A common phenomenon during the cold months of the year is seeing your breath when you breathe. For anyone who has ever wondered why this happens, be sure to read “Why Can You See Your Breath When It’s Cold Out?” This article explains the science behind the phenomenon. As the temperature drops, it’s essential to care for your health. To learn about a new way people are meeting with doctors, check out “Telemedicine: Medical Check-ups from the Comfort of Home.” In the far northern regions of the world, the extremely short days of winter can be difficult to bear. Learn how one Norwegian town is counteracting this lack of light in “A Brighter Future for a Town in Norway.” A good thing to practice this time of year is lowering energy consumption. “Energy-Saving Music” is a great article that describes a unique way electric car drivers can reduce the energy they use. These are just a few of the great articles you are sure to find in the November issue of Ivy Analytical.


《常春藤解析英語雜誌》培養升學.英語檢定.進修實力 / 詞彙程度約 4500~7500字 / 國內幾乎高中生人手一本的《常春藤解析英語雜誌》由賴世雄教授於一九八八年七月發行創刊號, 是一份製作嚴謹的專業英語廣播月刊。一直不斷在品質上力求精進及掌握學界脈動與讀者需求,多年來深獲全台英文老師的口碑肯定,並為多所高中指定之英文課外教材,更是無數青年學子心目中的第 一品牌!長期訂閱戰勝108課綱,輕鬆提升核心素養,每天只要30分鐘,學測、指考、英檢、多益、商英統統難不倒你!

  • 藝文快訊 Icons & Identities: Masterpieces of Portraiture 《時代的臉孔:從莎士比亞到紅髮艾德》特展(第4頁)
  • 科普園地 Why Can You See Your Breath When It’s Cold Out? 為什麼冬天會呼出「白霧」?(第6頁)
  • 新聞集錦(第10頁)
    • 1. 韋伯望遠鏡探索遠古宇宙(第10頁)
    • 2. 快還要更快!世界最快超音速客機有望上市(第11頁)
  • 詞彙測驗(第13頁)
  • 混合題型 DIY Flower Drying at Home 乾燥花藝:凍結絕美時刻(第17頁)
  • 文意選填 Telemedicine: Medical Check-ups from the Comfort of Home 遠距醫療:在家看醫生好方便(第21頁)
  • 歷史迴廊 Michelangelo’s Most Touching Work of Art 米開朗基羅的「創世」巨作(第25頁)
  • 新聞英語 How Heat Extremes Are Impacting the World 熱浪襲捲全球(第28頁)
  • 主題寫作 A Glimpse into the Workforce 一窺職場真實面(第31頁)
  • 閱讀測驗 Parrots: More than Just a Talking Bird 鸚鵡:聰明伶俐、漂亮奪目(第35頁)
  • 新聞導讀 新聞寫作(一)標題 如何下標題 1-3(第39頁)
  • 克漏字 A Brighter Future for a Town in Norway 自製太陽的小鎮:尤坎(第41頁)
  • 閱讀測驗 Archaeology under the Sea 水下考古:「潛」進歷史(第45頁)
  • 閱讀測驗 Archaeology under the Sea 水下考古:「潛」進歷史(第47頁)
  • 圖片寫作 Plastic Waste Threatens the Survival of Sea Life 生存大危機:海洋動物誤食塑膠(第51頁)
  • 閱讀測驗 Pesos Turn Political in Argentina 阿根廷歷史英雄人物躍上紙鈔(第54頁)
  • 克漏字 Energy-Saving Music 「貝多芬」讓你開車更省電!(第59頁)
  • 翻譯(第63頁)
  • 篇章結構 The Devil’s Handwriting: Decoding Dickens 破解狄更斯的神祕筆跡(第66頁)
  • 混合題型 Okra: A Food and a Filtration System 超級食物:秋葵!還有淨水功能(第70頁)
  • 混合題型 Okra: A Food and a Filtration System 超級食物:秋葵!還有淨水功能(第72頁)
  • 文意選填 The Legend of a Dolphin Guide 傳奇永駐!守護船隻的海豚領航員(第77頁)
  • 慣用語 Spill the Beans 爆料(第81頁)
  • 解析文法(第83頁)
  • 實力測驗(第85頁)
  • 背誦卡(第89頁)
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