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Developmental social work emphasizes interdisciplinary collaborations and believes it can accurately respond to the issues and the needs of our society. Therefore, more and more non-profit organizations are involved in this field. In Taiwan, the recent social issues, such as the poverty of young adults and the Long-term Care, all indicate a need for fresh thoughts and working methods. Responding to this need, “social innovation” has been seen as a way of developmental social work practice.
Since 2015, Eden Social Welfare Foundation has collaborated with the Department of Social Work of National Taiwan University to hold three international conferences regarding developmental social work. We published two conference proceedings Developmental Social Work: Theory and Practice and Developmental Social Work: Advancing Policy and Practice.
This book focuses on the theme of “social innovation” and contains various innovative ongoing cases of developmental social work. It also compiles lecture and forum notes to share the concepts, practices, and dialogues of developmental social work, helping readers develop a broader and deeper innovative thinking.

Editor in Chief
Julian Chow
Educational Background: Doctorate degree in Social Welfare, Case Western Reserve University, USA

Experience: Hutto-Patterson Charitable Foundation Professor, School of Social Welfare, University of California, Berkeley, USA
Areas of Specialization: Community Practice; Social Service Delivery; Community Analysis; Needs Assessment
Pei-Shan Yang
Educational Background: Doctorate degree in School of Social Work, Columbia University, USA
Experience: Chairman of Department of Social Work, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Areas of Specialization: Long-term care, Senior Citizens Welfare, Qualitative Research, Social Work Integration Service Model, Dementia Friendly Communities
Eden Social Welfare Foundation
Ms. Liu Hsia, a female wheelchair writer suffering from rheumatic arthritis, witnessed the discrimination against persons with disabilities in Taiwan. In response to God's calling and with a great love for the persons with physical and mental disabilities, she decided to create a place where the disabled are truly cared for and loved - The Garden of Eden in Dreams. On December 1, 1982, she donated her income from publishing and initiated a group of Christians who shared her vision to bring persons with disabilities as well as other socially marginalized group. Eden Social Welfare Foundation was founded to serve persons with disabilities as well as other socially marginalized groups.

  • Foreword I/James Midgley(第i頁)
  • Foreword II/Jo Spangaro(第ix頁)
  • Foreword III/Yeun-Wen Ku(第xi頁)
  • Foreword IV/Leemen Lee(第xiii頁)
  • Preface/Pei-Shan Yang(第xv頁)
  • Acknowledgements/Wen-Ben Lin(第xix頁)
  • Part I : Theoretical Perspectives(第1頁)
    • 1. Developmental Social Work and Social Innovation/Manohar Pawar(第3頁)
    • 2. Co-evolution of Economic Development and Social Improvement—Social Economy/Jer-San Hu(第31頁)
    • 3. Social Enterprise Development in Asia : Insights and Lessons for Developmental Social Work/Marie Lisa M. Dacanay(第61頁)
  • Part II : Areas of Practice(第77頁)
    • 1. Rejuvenate the community industry with local investment/Yung-Hsing Kao(第79頁)
    • 2. Public-Private Partnerships for the Promotion of Remote Area Regional Innovation : Lishan Long-Term Care Transportation Service/Sheng-Tsun Hou(第95頁)
    • 3. Social Design of the Community Life Care Model for the Elderly : The Action Process of the Homie Puli Long-Term Care Innovation Network/Kai-Lin Liang(第131頁)
    • 4. “Running out of Money” and “Moving Forward”?! Employment Challenges and Empowerment of Financially-Disadvantaged Households/Chi-Wen Lin, Pei-Chung Wang, Yi-Hsuan Lin(第151頁)
    • 5. Self-reliance Empowerment and Confidence through Games : Application of developmental social work in community residence for persons with intellectual disabilities/Hui-Min Hsu, Chung-Chun Chien(第179頁)
    • 6. The Sparkling Child/Chan Chun Chung(第205頁)
    • 7. Socially-inclusive catering outlets : A case illustration from the social enterprise set up by Fu Hong Society/Mak Yun Wan, Siu Hing Wa(第229頁)
    • 8. WISE—Turning Mental Illness into Mental Wellness/Wong So Kuen(第247頁)
  • Part III : Dialogue(第267頁)
    • 1. Panel Discussion : Competency Cultivation and Building –Knowledge, Skills, Tools and Resources for Interdisciplinary Collaboration/Julian Chow, Manohar Pawar, Marie Lisa M. Dacanay, Jer-San Hu, Ping-Der Huang, Pei-shan Yang, Sheng-Tsun Hou(第269頁)
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