• Getting started with coding
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  • 作者: Camille McCue, PhD
  • 出版社:John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
  • 出版年:c2020
  • 集叢名:For dummies
  • ISBN:978-1-119-64162-9 ; 1-119-64162-4 ; 978-1-119-64164-3 ; 1-119-64164-0 ; 978-1-119-64163-6 ; 1-119-64163-2
  • 格式:PDF,EPUB
  • 版次:2nd ed.
  • 附註:"Get creative with code!"--Cover.

An introduction to coding for kids
Coding know-how is the coolest new tool kids can add to their creativity toolboxes—and all they need to get started is a computer connected to the internet and the lessons in this book. Easy!
The book offers fun step-by-step projects to create games, animations, and other digital toys while teaching a bit about coding along the way. Plus, each project has an end goal to instill confidence and a sense of accomplishment in young coders once the project comes to life.

Create simple applications in Scratch to learn how to build things with coding
Experiment with “real” coding with tools built in JavaScript
Use free online tools
Share what you build with friends, family, and teachers
Get creative and get coding!


Camille McCue, PhD, is a STEM educator who loves teaching computer science, math, engineering, and physics to learners ranging from kindergarteners to graduate students. She works for organizations including NASA, PBS, independent schools, and Project Lead The Way.

  • Introduction(第2頁)
    • About This Book(第2頁)
    • What’s New in the Second Edition(第4頁)
    • About You(第5頁)
    • About the Icons(第6頁)
  • Project 1: Get Started(第7頁)
    • Coding QuickStart(第7頁)
    • Flowcharting(第11頁)
    • Picking a Language(第12頁)
    • Using a Dashboard (IDE)(第13頁)
    • Setting Up Your Account in Scratch(第14頁)
    • Getting Around in Scratch(第15頁)
    • Using the Code Tab in Scratch(第18頁)
    • Getting Around in MakeCode(第20頁)
    • Using the Code Toolbox in MakeCode(第23頁)
    • Fixing Errors(第24頁)
    • Getting Help(第28頁)
  • Project 2: Jungle Chat(第29頁)
    • Brainstorm(第30頁)
    • Flowchart(第30頁)
    • Start a New Project(第31頁)
    • Add a Backdrop(第32頁)
    • Add Animal Sprites(第33頁)
    • Add Text-to-Speech Commands(第36頁)
    • Code the Monkey to Run When Clicked(第36頁)
    • Code the Monkey to Ask the User’s Name(第38頁)
    • Make and Give the Greeting(第39頁)
    • Code the Monkey to Play a Sound(第40頁)
    • Code the Snake to Play a Sound You Record(第41頁)
    • Code the Toucan to Play a Sound from the Sound Library(第43頁)
    • Enhance Your Scene(第45頁)
    • Save, Test, and Debug Your Program(第46頁)
    • Share Your Program with the World(第46頁)
    • Big Ideas in the Project(第46頁)
  • Project 3: Freeze the Pops(第48頁)
    • Brainstorm(第49頁)
    • Flowchart(第49頁)
    • Start a New Project(第51頁)
    • Make a Variable(第52頁)
    • Code Button A to Measure and Show the Temperature(第53頁)
    • Continue Coding Button A to Show If the Pops Are Frozen(第56頁)
    • Save, Test, and Debug Your Program(第59頁)
    • Transfer Your Program to the micro:bit(第60頁)
    • Put Your micro:bit in the Freezer(第60頁)
    • Enhance Your Gadget(第61頁)
    • Big Ideas in the Project(第62頁)
  • Project 4: Jellyfish Jumble(第64頁)
    • Brainstorm(第65頁)
    • Flowcharts(第65頁)
    • Start a New Project(第67頁)
    • Add a Backdrop(第67頁)
    • Add a Jellyfish Sprite and Custom Costumes(第68頁)
    • Make a Mr. Jelly Sprite and a Fake Sprite(第70頁)
    • Code the Green Flag Blocks(第73頁)
    • Code the Faker Clones to Swish(第77頁)
    • Code Mr. Jelly to Know He’s Been Found(第78頁)
    • Enhance Your Scene(第79頁)
    • Save, Test, and Debug Your Program(第81頁)
    • Share Your Program with the World(第81頁)
    • Big Ideas in the Project(第81頁)
  • Project 5: Card War(第83頁)
    • Brainstorm(第84頁)
    • Flowcharts(第84頁)
    • Start a New Project(第85頁)
    • Make a Variable(第87頁)
    • Code on shake to Make and Send Your Number(第88頁)
    • Code an on radio received Block to Identify a Winner(第90頁)
    • Save, Test, and Debug Your Program(第97頁)
    • Transfer Your Program to the micro:bit(第99頁)
    • Enhance Your Gadget(第99頁)
    • Big Ideas in the Project(第100頁)
  • Project 6: Avoid the Asteroids(第102頁)
    • Brainstorm(第103頁)
    • Flowcharts(第103頁)
    • Start a New Project(第106頁)
    • Add Three Backdrops(第106頁)
    • Add a Robot Sprite(第108頁)
    • Add an Asteroid Sprite(第110頁)
    • Make Dents and Timer Variables(第112頁)
    • Add Background Music from the Sound Library(第113頁)
    • Code the Green Flag Blocks(第114頁)
    • Build your Asteroid Field(第125頁)
    • Code Key Control of the Robot(第126頁)
    • Enhance Your Scene(第127頁)
    • Save, Test, and Debug Your Program(第128頁)
    • Share Your Program with the World(第128頁)
    • Big Ideas in the Project(第128頁)
  • Project 7: Get Fancy(第131頁)
    • Programming Your Own Ideas(第132頁)
    • Getting Your Scratch Programs into the World(第135頁)
    • Making Your Gadgets Real(第137頁)
    • Upping Your Game(第140頁)
    • Souping Up User Interfaces in Scratch(第142頁)
    • Next Steps(第145頁)
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