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This series of books on the unique and distinctive characteristics of animals are written to enhance the
pupils’ knowledge of zoology.
They are specially designed to provide clarity of vision and concepts employing colourful illustrations and pictures
instead of learning lengt hy and wordy descriptions.

Scientific facts, information and technical data are explained in simple structured sentences that are easy to read and understand.
This is a series of Science reference books that no students of Science can afford to do without.

  • ■ The Ways Animals Protect Themselves(第2頁)
  • ■ Deception and Disguise(第4頁)
  • ■ Curling up its Body(第6頁)
  • ■ Breaking off Body Parts(第7頁)
  • ■ Deceiving the Enemies(第8頁)
  • ■ Emitting Pong or Ink(第9頁)
  • ■ Shell and Spines(第10頁)
  • ■ Run for Your Lives!(第11頁)
  • ■ Living in Trees or Underground(第12頁)
  • ■ We are Poisonous(第13頁)
  • ■ Electricity as a Weapon(第14頁)
  • ■ Play Dead(第15頁)
  • ■ Glossary(第16頁)
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