What would you do to save the star of your dreams? Dr. Matt Sinclair has everything a handsome young doctor would want—a thriving practice in the beautiful English countryside, the respect of his peers and friends, and a bank account that makes him more than financially comfortable. Just one thing is spoiling his idyllic life—a secret, unhealthy infatuation for a pop star from which he knows he must free himself. But fate is a strange thing.…

Overnight, the golden girl whom everyone loved, everyone wanted a piece of, became devalued currency. Graphic details as to how the body had been discovered in her bedroom, and in what condition, were leaked, and the tabloids sucked it all up in the story-making machine, as more and more sensational headlines were spawned.

John Behardien is a family physician in Manchester, England, who began writing short stories five years ago. He credits his foray into novel writing to his love of the English language and his “pursuit of self-improvement, accepting the writer’s challenge for clear, unambiguous expression.” The inspiration for Crack in the Code came from his fascination with those who do the right thing when it would be so much easier for them to choose to act selfishly. His next work of fiction centers on the story of a young doctor who is intent on saving a patient on the verge of suicide, and the dangerous path on which he soon finds himself.

  • Dedication
  • Chapter I Paradise Flawed
  • Chapter II Open Invitation
  • Chapter III Bitter Betrayal
  • Chapter IV Spellbound
  • Chapter V Life Laid Waste
  • Chapter VI Discovery
  • Chapter VII New Girl in Town
  • Chapter VIII Dinner for Four
  • Chapter IX Found and Lost
  • Chapter X Evasive Manoeuvres
  • Chapter XI Loss and Profit
  • Chapter XII Lethal Cone
  • Chapter XIII Doctor Brown
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