• A golden key can open any door
  • 點閱:44
  • 作者: Voiced by Nathan Sung, Sonia Fan
  • 出版社:Next Animation Studio
  • 出版年:2018
  • 集叢名:Out of this word English Learning Animation.6,特殊與常見英語慣用語
  • 格式:JPG
租期14天 今日租書可閱讀至2020-12-17

Max is mowing the lawn, when he sees Moon sitting on the porch and tries to convince her to help him. Even after showering Moon with compliments, Moon doesn’t fall for Max’s tricks. When Max offers to pay for Moon’s help, she asks if Max thinks that “a golden key can open any door”, which means that money or valuable items can be used to get someone what they want.


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