• A little bird told me
  • 點閱:12
  • 作者: Voiced by Nathan Sung, Sonia Fan
  • 出版社:Next Animation Studio
  • 出版年:2018
  • 集叢名:Out of this word English Learning Animation.1,與動物相關的片語
  • 格式:JPG
租期14天 今日租書可閱讀至2020-04-12

Max finds two movie tickets on his desk, so he asks Moon if he knows where the tickets came from. Moon replies that it was a gift from her because she heard that Max had a rough week, and that he also did well on his test. When Max asks Moon how she knew, Moon says that “a little bird told her”, which is something that people say when they don’t want to reveal who told them something, or if both people already know who the source must be.


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