• Traditional chinese medicine:professionalization and integration in Hong Kong
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  • 作者: Edited by Kara Chan and Dong Dong
  • 出版社:City University of Hong Kong Press
  • 出版年:2019
  • 集叢名:Royal Asiatic Society Hong Kong Studies Series series
  • ISBN:978-962-937-379-5 ; 962-937-379-3
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Chinese medicine has a rich history that has only been made more complex by its integration with “Western” biomedicine. Legitimization of Chinese medicine in biomedicine-dominated health systems, such as that in Hong Kong, has posed significant issues. This anthology of articles explores relevant social issues related to various Chinese medicine treatments, including acupuncture and medicinal oils, as well as insight into practitioner licensing and public perception. Each chapter tackles a topic related to the complicated process of legitimizing knowledge and power within a specific social and historical context. Written by professors and researchers with extensive knowledge of Chinese medicine, government regulation, and sociology, this collection provides an overview of the challenges and current social context of Chinese medicine that affect students and practitioners of Chinese medicine, health and para-health biomedical professionals, and patients alike. Traditional Chinese Medicine: Professionalization and Integration in Hong Kong is the first book in the Mediated Health Series, which focuses on the effects of media, lifestyle, doctor-patient communication, and the economy on health and aims to help inform medical decisions and enhance the wellbeing of individuals.

  • List of Tables(第ix頁)
  • List of Figures(第xi頁)
  • Series Foreword(第xiii頁)
  • Preface(第xv頁)
  • Part I Legitimation and Perception(第1頁)
    • 1 Development and Regulation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners in Hong Kong Sian Griffiths and Vincent C. H. Chung(第3頁)
    • 2 Australia and Hong Kong: Comparing Regional Influences on Chinese Medicine Education Caragh Brosnan, Vincent C. H. Chung,Anthony L. Zhang, and Jon Adams(第17頁)
    • 3 Public Perception of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Hong Kong Kara Chan and Lennon Tsang(第43頁)
  • Part II Acupuncture as a Focus(第61頁)
    • 4 How People Perceive Acupuncture : A Qualitative Study Kara Chan, Judy Y. M. Siu, and Timothy Fung(第63頁)
    • 5 How People Perceive Acupuncture : A Quantitative Study Kara Chan, Lennon Tsang, and Timothy Fung(第87頁)
    • 6 Authorization, Rationalization, and Moral Evaluation of Acupuncture by Hong Kong’s Newspapers Dong Dong and Kara Chan(第107頁)
  • Part III Hybridization and Integration(第133頁)
    • 7 Medical Hybridization of Chinese Wind / Rheumatism Oils Daan Kamps(第135頁)
    • 8 Expert Opinions Concerning Integrated Chinese-Western Medicine Kara Chan and Dong Dong(第157頁)
    • 9 Conclusion and Future Perspectives Kara Chan and Dong Dong(第185頁)
  • List of Resources(第191頁)
  • About the Contributors(第197頁)
  • Index(第203頁)
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