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Letter to Readers
Dear Readers,

Welcome to August's A+ English! Ghost Month begins this month, so we'll introduce some interesting Taiwanese Ghost Month festivals. We’ll also see what happens when Paige makes a phone call to Hell in Meet the Wangs. Father's Day is this month, too, so we’ll take a look at some great gifts for your dad. One great gift you can make is a cup carrier—check out our DIY unit to learn how! There’s more to read as well, including makeup secrets from ancient Egypt and a guide to Ho Chi Minh City. Have fun learning with A+ English this month!

A+ English空中美語(初級)

  • UNIT 1 Sending Letters and Packages【超實用】郵局英文懶人包(第7頁)
  • UNIT 2 Carry Your Drink the DIY Way 減塑大作戰——自製環保飲料提袋(第12頁)
  • Hot News 1 Taiwanese Sites Get New Photos on Google Street View Google 街景大翻新 臺灣美景新角度(第14頁)
  • UNIT 3 Put a Smile on Dad’s Face with these Perfect Presents 爸!我有話想說!(第16頁)
  • UNIT 4 Do You Have Time for Fun? 你有空嗎?一起出去玩!(第20頁)
  • UNIT 5 Emojis for the Taiwan Experience 動動手 「傳」出臺灣味(第24頁)
  • Hot News 2 Indonesian Volunteers Clean up Taichung 臺灣也是我的家——印尼移工清臺中綠川(第26頁)
  • UNIT 6 The Phone Call to Hell 喂?你好,請找閻羅王(第27頁)
  • UNIT 7 Tainan City Government’s English-Friendly Temples 接軌全世界 臺南推廟宇英文導覽(第32頁)
  • UNIT 8 Drink Your Boba and Eat It Too! 珍珠控必訪!超熱門珍珠甜點大蒐集(第34頁)
  • 雜誌其他小單元目錄(第40頁)
    • 國中教育會考英聽模擬試題(第39頁)
    • A+ 熱門展覽(第40頁)
    • 國中教育會考英聽模擬試題(第54頁)
    • 全民英檢模擬試題(第65頁)
    • 翻譯與解答(第70頁)
    • 國中教育會考英聽模擬解答(第75頁)
    • 全民英檢模擬解答(第76頁)
    • 單字卡(第77頁)
  • UNIT 9 The Trumpet of the Swan《天鵝的喇叭》(第44頁)
  • UNIT 10 Ghost Month in Taiwan 不怕不怕!全臺鬼月慶典報你知!(第50頁)
  • UNIT 11 Plan a Fun Trip to Ho Chi Minh City 出發越南!胡志明市這樣玩!(第56頁)
  • UNIT 12 The Diamond on Your Back 背包不呼吸 卻有豬鼻子?!(第60頁)
  • UNIT 13 The Importance of Beauty in Ancient Egypt 古埃及妝容造型解密(第62頁)
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