• Look after each other
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  • 作者: by Mariyln Rice
  • 出版社:Strategic Book Publishing
  • 出版年:c2009.
  • ISBN:9781608600946
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Sofia Haslington is a 36-year-old mother and housewife kept under the thumb of her priggish, anal-retentive husband, Derek. Living by a second-to-second timetable and under strict rules enforced by her husband, Sofia decides to visit a well-respected clairvoyant, hoping for a bit of respite from her otherwise dreary existence. But what she is surprised to learn that day not only changes her life...it changes her.

Sofia, now planning to die on March 5, 2005, writes a 'Do or Die' list and, with a renewed sense of spirit, unleashes the bad girl hidden deep down inside. From breaking the Ten Commandments to exploring the marvels of Tantric sex, Sofia goes on a liberating journey of body, mind, and spirit, relishing every last minute she has left on this earth. Women everywhere will laugh, cry, and cheer as Sofia counts down her final moments, making each one more memorable and enjoyable than the last.

About the Author:

Marilyn L. Rice is a retired schoolteacher from West Bromwich, Sandwell, UK. She draws upon her own experiences with clairvoyants, a strong relationship with her father, and an unforgettable experience with a man named Derek as the basis for this book. Look After Each Other is Marilyn's fourth published novel.

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