• Dogs, demons and me
  • 點閱:18
  • 作者: by Elizabeth H. Mangan
  • 出版社:Strategic Book Group
  • 出版年:2010
  • ISBN:9781609764920
  • 格式:EPUB 流式,PDF,JPG

Elizabeth (Betsy) Mangan spent 23 years as a writer/manager in the corporate marketing arena before she decided to open a Brooklyn pet hotel in 1995. She and her husband spent nine years operating the pet hotel, building it into a highly respected pet care facility. Prior to that, she helped found a not-for-profit rescue group known as Brooklyn Heights Dog Owners Association. The BHDOA was responsible for rescuing and placing hundreds of dogs during Betsy's four-year tenure as Co-director and was cited for Outstanding Commitment to the Community.

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  • Saving Stonewall
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